2017 Timetable 

Monday - Epping Studio
5-6PM                  Acrobatics                                                              Up to 10yrs                           
6-7PM                  Acrobatics                                                              11yrs +
7-8PM                  Cheerleading                                                         All ages
8-9PM                  BEAT Pilates                                                         14+

Tuesday - Epping Studio
4.15-5PM             Sub-Juniors Jazz/Tap/Ballet/Hip Hop            2-5yrs 
5-6PM                  Junior Hip Hop                                                      6-10yrs
6-7PM                  Intermediate Hip Hop                                          11-14yrs
7-8PM                  Adult Casual Dance Fitness                                Adults

Tuesday - Whittlesea Studio
4.15-5PM             Sub-Juniors Jazz/Tap/Ballet/Hip Hop            4-5yrs 
5-6PM                  Junior Jazz/Tap                                                     6-10yrs
6-7PM                  Intermediate Jazz & Tap                                      11-14yrs
7-8PM                  Junior & Intermediate Hip Hop                         6-13yrs
8-0PM                  Teen & Senior Hip Hop                                       14yrs+
Wednesday - Epping Studio
5-6PM                   Junior Jazz/Tap/Contemporary                          6-10yrs                               
6-7PM                   Junior/Intermediate Ballet                                   6-14yrs         
7-8PM                   Intermediate Jazz/Tap/Contemporary              11-14yrs                   

Thursday - Epping Studio 
6-7PM                  Senior Jazz/Tap/Contemporary                            14yrs+
7-8PM                  Senior Classical Ballet/Lyrical                               14yrs+
8-9PM                  Senior Hip Hop                                                         14yrs+

Thursday - Whittlesea Studio 
4-4.30PM            Mini Stars Creative Dance                                      2-3yrs

4.30-5.30PM      Junior & Intermediate Ballet/Lyrical                   6-13yrs
5.30-6.30PM      Cheerleading                                                             All ages
6.30-7.30PM      Junior & Intermediate Contemporary                 6-13yrs
7.30-8.30PM      Teen & Senior Jazz/Tap/Contemporary             14+

Saturday - Epping Studio 
9.15-10AM         Sub-Juniors Jazz/Tap/Ballet/Hip Hop            2-5yrs
10-11.30AM       Elite Squad - Open Age
11.30-1PM          Elite Squad - 8 and under 12
1-2PM                 Elite Squad - 6 and under 8